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    After Vuong Han thought of this, he also left in the distance. Now there is only one clue left behind by this recording. If this video were to be thrown away directly, then he would not know what to do. Anyway, he started to do it. this on his part. Some of his well-intentioned actions in Xinggang were met with retaliation. In Xinghai, no one is allowed to do such dangerous things, especially the following kind of behavior has been done, so that even if the opponent is very strong, this cannot be done, so Wang Han's front foot just left the position of the star port, and the star port behind him directly came into contact with many formations, directly asking the strongest individuals in the group to come and indiscriminately attack Wang Han, letting others know How serious are the consequences of insulting a star! Especially since they are different from normal formations, Xing Cuong is the place where authority is established, they don't even notice their breath!

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